Friday, December 15, 2006


eMAIL #1:
Well, you know that I love shoes, but shopping for them is frustrating! My feet seem to have shrunk a little a couple of years ago and now oftentimes a size 5 is too big.

I've been on the hunt for a pair of shoes for the wedding; I've looked at all the shoes in town and have also looked at literally hundreds online. I can't find anything I like, that is in the right color, in my size.

Because of something Raymond said to me last night, I have decided to wear clear shoes and be Raymond's Cinderella. Below is a link to the shoes that I ordered today. I hope that they fit.

Later Chicas, Nancy

eMAIL #2:
Okay, this is just freaky because I was online shopping for shoes for Nancy ’s wedding. I think I purchased a pair that almost looks the same as the ones she ordered. What are the rules on this? I know that you should not wear the same color as the bride, but not sure proper etiquette for shoes. Is it okay if they are similar? I would hate to have to send them back. I am attaching the picture of the shoes that I am going to wear and I will let you decide.